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At Three Trees Dental we offer “SinSational Smile” in office bleaching. This method starts you with a 20 minute in office treatment where you will see immediate results. You will also receive a free take home bleaching kit with the purchase of any in office whitening so you can continue on your own time table at home. Home bleaching is convenient and we have had no reports of sensitive teeth with this new bleaching system. Contact us



Veneers are porcelain facings that are permanently affixed to the front of your teeth to correct crooked or imperfect teeth. If your teeth are not aligned perfectly, have chips, craze lines or long term discoloration veeners can correct all of those problems . Dr. Gardner will evaluate your goals and come up with a customized plan to meet all of your goals for a beautiful smile. Contact us


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Bonding is a cost effective alternative to veneered porcelain. Dr. Gardner uses tooth colored composites in many shades and hues to close spaces, create a custom full veneer or partial veneer that cover cracks, chips and dark color. Tooth structure is preserved and composite can be re-polished and repaired unlike most modern porcelains. Bonding is more versatile and can be done in one appointment. Contact us



The Smile Design concept takes into account a holistic approach to the entire dentition. For patients who want to take their smiles to the next level this approach is the most detailed. This treatment often involves a more lengthy workup and plan. You will be a part of the Dr. Gardner’s approach including the shape, length and color of your teeth. We would love to help you with a lasting smile. Contact us