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Crowns and Bridges

Since 2007 Dr. Gardner has almost exclusively fabricated crowns and some bridges in house. This is accomplished with state of the art CAC / CAM technology by CEREC®. Learn more by clicking here to view a short video.

Crowns function to preserve teeth that might otherwise fracture, break and become susceptible to loss. Bridges link the gap of where a tooth is missing. With CEREC technology we can deliver your crown to you in one appointment. No temporary crowns and no molds of your teeth are needed. Contact Us



All-on-4® I you are missing some or all of your teeth you may find that a full denture or partial denture may be you best option. With the addition of implants dentures become much more effective in retention and chewing. We recommend a denture that stays in all the time and is fastened secured to your implant, otherwise known as the All-on-4® denture. Contact us.


Inlays and Overlays

Dr. Gardner often sees teeth that are broken or have large fillings requiring a crown. However, in the right situation it may be beneficial to preserve more enamel by doing a porcelain onlay or inlay. Instead of “full coverage” or a crown that covers the entire tooth like a thimble we remove only the part of the tooth affected and replace that “puzzle piece” with a CAD/CAM milled porcelain restoration at the same appointment. Contact Us



Cavities are filled in most cases with tooth colored filling material. There are rare occasions when metal fillings are requested or recommended. Dr. Gardner uses the latest techniques to detect and eliminate decay while preserving as much of your enamel as possible. Contact Us


Full Month Rehapilitation

Over time teeth can become worn or abraded. It may be time to consider crowns on most or all of your teeth. Dr. Gardner does a full smile design analysis using photos, xrays and full diagnostics. We can restore your mouth to a healthy smile and function. Contact Us


single tooth implants

Dental Implants provide dentist and patients the ability to replace missing teeth to their original state. There are two parts to an implant. A titanium post(root) and the crown that is affixed to this post. Dr. Gardner has helped many patients who have lost one or more teeth buy utilizing this proven technique. Implants allow you many options that were not available 15-20 years ago. If you have missing teeth contact us for a free implant consult. Contact Us